Along with the end result, I value the process of creation - comprehension, the rendering of mobile abstractions in a scenic and palpable shape, and an endeavor to convey subtle intonations, reasons, and experiences through visual representations. As a result, I frequently work in sites with a history, particularly those that are at the crossroads of several eras and aspects. My studio is the entire world. The roof of a prominent radio station, an abandoned airfield, and a ramshackle greenhouse - they have all become iconic locations for my creative process.

My current workshop is housed in one of the Riga Botanical Garden's ancient buildings; adjacent are exotic plant pavilions, research laboratories, old manor houses, and the University of Latvia's vintage lecture hall.

I work in one of the four buildings that make up a historical estate once owned by Albert Wolfschmidt, Consul of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. All of the structures have been designated as Cultural Monuments of National Importance. The classicist estate is an excellent example of a popular countryside vacation home trend in the mid-eighteenth and mid-nineteenth century.

Video trip to my studio: